Proposed Certificate in Martial Arts Studies (PROGRAM NOT YET OPERATIONAL)

at the University of New Mexico, Dept. of Health, Exercise & Sports Sciences and the Institute of Traditional Martial Arts (ITMA) at UNM


The Department of Health, Exercise and Sports Sciences, in collaboration with other departments at UNM is working on developing an undergraduate specialization in Martial Arts Studies. Upon completion of all requirements as listed in each Plan of Study below a student will be awarded the HESS/ITMA Certificate in Martial Arts Studies. Students who satisfy additional requirements will be awarded the HESS/ITMA Advanced Certificate in Martial Arts Studies (details to come)

At this time we envision offering the Certificate in the following areas of specialization. Start date has not yet beeen determined:

OPTION I (for full time students). When available a 2 credit Indep. Study will also be offered

1. Martial Arts & Japanese Language and Culture

2. Martial Arts & Chinese Language and Culture

3. Martial Arts & Business Management

4. Martial Arts, Children & Youth

5. Martial Arts, Health & Fitness

6. Martial Arts & Nutrition

7. Martial Arts & Military Science

8. Martial Arts & Journalism

9. Martial Arts & History

10. Martial Arts & Theatre/Dance

10. Martial Arts & Criminal Justice (to come)

NOTE: Holders of a black belt from a legitimate organization may be required to take only 2 credits (one course as opposed to 4 courses) in martial arts activity classes at UNM

Why Obtain a Certificate/Advanced Certificate in Martial Arts Studies?

Students may pursue such a program of studies to satisfy their own personal needs and interests. In addition, a Certificate in Martial Arts Studies will enable and equip students to pursue job-related interests and careers in a variety of areas, including:

(i) The acquisiton of business skills to manage their own martial arts schools
(ii) To lay the foundations in order to test for black belt
(iii) To pave the way for a career in law enforcement, security work, the military, and the like
(iv) To work in various capacities in the burgeoning world of Mixed Martial Arts
(v) To acquire more legitimacy and credentials in the martial arts (e.g. ITMA Advanced Certificate in Martial Arts Studies) from a respected major national university
(vi) To qualify for an ITMA Martial Arts Instructor Certificate (this option has additional requirements)
(vii) For possible involvement in the film or theater industry as technical advisers, choreographers or stunt persons
(viii) To increase their knowledge and enable serious martial arts students to pursue both applied and theoretical studies in such areas as philosophy, Asian religions and cultures, Asian Languages, Journalism, Health and Fitness, History, working with children and youth, Exercise and Nutrition, Theatre and Dance, and more

NOTE: It may be possible to develop additional Specializations based on student interest and demand.

The program will eventually require completion of 22 credit hours, as presented below:

A. Student's major (any field of study)
B. One 2 credit Indep. Study (to be introduced at a later time) in which the student investigates the possible relationship between the martial arts and his/her area of specialization
(e.g., Criminal Justice and the Martial Arts)
C. Eight credits (four classes) in selected martial arts activities from HESS
D. 12 credit hours in a theoretical area (e.g., Criminal Justice, Philosophy, etc.).

NOTE: Students already majoring in any of the above areas of specialization may use twelve of their hours toward the Certificate Program, thus reducing their total requirements

OPTION II (for part time students possessing an undergraduate degree)

(Under Construction)

Students already possessing an undergraduate degree (any major) may sign up for the Certificate Program in Martial Arts Studies and satisfactorily complete from 8 to 16 credit hrs, depending on their degree:

1. One theory course (Independent Study)(2 credits)
2. 8 credits in martial arts activity classes (4 credits for those already possessing a black belt from a legimitate organization)
3. 6 credits in an Area of Concentration selected from the above list

NOTE: An Advanced Certificate Program in Martial Arts Studies (FULL and PART time) may also become available. The Advanced Certificate in Martial Arts Studies requires candidates to already possess
their black belt (from a legitimate organization. Check back for more details.

The application fee for the full as well as part time program is expected to be about $150. For detailed information on each area of specializations please click on the areas listed above.

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