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6th Annual Martial Arts Expo at UNM (Sanctioned by USJJF/Sponsored by HESS-ITMA)

Date: Wednesday, November 15th, 2017
Time: 6-8.15pm
Location: Johnson Center, Main Arena, ABQ, New Mexico
Admission: FREE

Distinguished Honored Guest

Col. Bruce Bethers, President of the United States Ju-Jitsu Federation

Event Description

The Expo is a joint UNM/Community Outreach event which features several high ranking martial arts black belts from UNM, as well as the ABQ community. The goal of the Expo is to promote the martial arts taught at UNM and the ABQ community, and help inform, entertain and educate. The event is FREE and open to both students and the community.

Who We Are

The HESS Institute of Traditional Martial Arts is the first of its kind in the United States, and possibly the world. It is a university institute that is housed in the Dept. of Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences (College of Education)at the University of New Mexico. It comprises a diverse group of martial artists representing various traditional, or traditionally-based Asian arts. We come from all walks of life. Some of us are academics or medical doctors and others work in the public and private sectors. What we all have in common is a passion for the martial arts and their growth and development. In addition to the Board Members below we are also fortunate to have on board some exceptional individuals who represent the Institute at the national and international levels. We are all committed to the Goals and Mission of the Institute (see below) and our efforts are directed toward creating a community of experts in the United States and around the world (a martial arts network, if you like); a community of talented individuals who, by working together, will help enhance the quality of life of all citizens and contribute to the growth, development, dissemination of knowledge and preservation of traditional martial arts locally and globally.


Organizational Structure

Christina Perry, Ph.D., Chair, Dept. of Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences (HESS) and Head of ITMA


Institute Director


Andrew Yiannakis, Ph.D., Jujutsu at UNM and Sandia Budokan
8th Dan Traditional Jujutsu (USJJF, ATJA); 6th Dan Traditional Kodokan Judo (USA-TKJ). USJJF Master Instructor

National Board of Advisers


(i) Dr. Andy Mooneyhan, Director of Physical Activities Program, HESS Dept., University of New Mexico

(ii) Sifu Phil Romero, Romero's Wing Chun. Chair, Rank Recognition Committee

(iii) Sensei Linda Yiannakis, 5th Dan Traditional Kodokan Judo; 5th Dan Traditional Jujutsu (USJJF). Sandia Judo Club, ABQ, New Mexico

(iv) Dr. Alfredo Martinez, Assistant Professor, UNM HESS Dept. Faculty Liaison, HESS, Univ. of New Mexico

(v) Sensei Mark Fraser, 4th Dan Judo, Sandia Judo Club, ABQ, New Mexico

(vi) Sensei Dr. James Cornfield, 4th Dan Aikido, 4th Dan Yamate Ryu Aikijutsu; Chief Instructor, Sandia Budokan, ABQ, New Mexico

(vii) Sensei Greg Kane, Ph.D., 5th Dan Jujutsu; Associate Professor, Eastern CT State Univ. Head Instructor at the University of Connecticut

(viii) Sensei Josh Scheiner-Ortega (7th Dan Kenpo; Self Defense Instructor, UNM; Chuan Fa Hall of Fame)

(ix) Sensei Hal Zeidman, 7th Dan Jujutsu/Kenjutsu, American Traditional Jujutsu Assoc.)

(x) Sensei Kostas Dervenis, 5th Dan Jujutsu/Jojutsu. Headmaster of Pammachon, Athens, Greece

(xi) Sensei Robert Baker, Ph.D., 4th Dan Jujutsu (and Menkyo Chuden). Assoc. VP IL State Univ., and Head Jujutsu Instructor, Illinois State Univ., Chicago, IL.

(xii) Sensei Keith Mellor, 2nd Dan Trad Jujutsu, 2nd Dan BJJ and 1st Dan Karate. Chief Financial Adviser to the Director. Treasurer, University of New Mexico

(xiii) Sensei Eugene Sedeno, 9th Dan Kenpo Karate and Kajukenbo, Albuquerque, NM

(xiv) Sensei Rob Debuck, 4th Dan Judo; 1st Dan Tae Kwon Do. Former APD Captain and Specialist in Handgun Disarming/Retention Techniques. Albuquerque, NM.

(xv) Sensei Robert Malakhov, 3rd Dan Jujutsu. Club Instructor in Jujutsu at Sandia Budokan, Albuquerque, New Mexico

(xvi) Sensei Martin Overfield, 4th Dan Jujutsu. UNM Jujutsu Instructor, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM CT


Goals and Mission of the HESS Institute of Traditional Martial Arts

(I) To help promote the study, teaching and research of traditional martial arts and their application in the modern world

(II-a) To explore through research and application the relationship between Martial Arts & Health (Mental & Physical)

(II-b) Committee on Martial Arts & Health


(III) To help establish and promote a sense of community among diverse martial arts systems and participants in New Mexico, the United States and internationally (e.g., Friendship Seminars; UNM Martial Arts Expo; Workshops/Clinics, etc.). The ultimate goal is to establish a martial arts network (called martialnet) that will serve as a resource for all martial artists in the network

(IV) To award ITMA Rank Recognition to members of martialnet (by invitation only)

(V-a) To develop Outreach Programs that help benefit the young (especially at risk youth), and other critical populations, and help embed traditional systems in schools, clubs, universities, the police, security agencies, and the like

(V-b) Committee on Outreach Programs

(VI) To develop instructional material and videos on the technical, historical and philosophical aspects of the martial arts

(VII) To put on clinics, workshops, demonstrations and summer camps

(VIII-a) To help improve the Quality of Life through the study and practice of traditional martial arts, especially as lifetime forms of activity

(VIII-b) Committee on Quality of Life

(IX-a) To develop an organizational structure that helps contribute to professional development and provides additional certification for instructors in specialized areas:

(IX-b) Committee For Professional Development & Instructor Certification in Specialized Areas

(X) To develop a martial arts degree Minor/Concentration at UNM in collaboration with the Depts. of Health, Exercise & Sports Sciences, Asian Studies, Philosophy, History, Journalism and the School of Business


Compatibility With The Core Values Of The UNM College Of Education


UNM Institute Senior Advisers

UNM Institute National Representatives

UNM Institute International Representatives

UNM Institute Technical Consultants

Paul Barrett, Ph.D., Director of ITMA Lecture Series

UNM Institute Members


ITMA Certificate of Rank Recognition

List of Certificate Holders

Instructor, Senior Instructor & Master Instructor Certification (program in development)

How To Join The Institute & Benefits of Joining

ITMA Member Publications/Presentations/Videos/Clinics

General Publications and Papers on the Martial Arts

Links to Depts, Organizations and Clubs

CURRENT ITMA INITIATIVES (see "Martial Artists for Humanity & Peace" Initiative)

Proposed Certificate Program in Martial Arts Studies at UNM

HESS/ITMA Martial Arts Screening Committee for New Hires at UNM


UNM Dept. of Health, Exercise & Sports Sciences

UNM College of Education

You can reach us at: ayiann@unm.edu

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Our affiliates, members, and national and international representatives are entities that function independently of the Institute of Traditional Martial Arts. The Institute (ITMA) and its Board of Directors are therefore not liable, or responsible, for any actions by such affiliates, representatives or members that take place in their various schools (dojos) that lead to injury of a student or instructor