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About Wa Shin Ryu Jujutsu at Sandia Budokan

2203 Silver SE (corner of Silver and Yale), 1 block south of UNM

Professor Yiannakis founded Wa Shin Ryu Jujutsu, a traditionally-based martial art, at the University of Connecticut in 1982. Wa Shin Ryu Jujutsu is a holistic, comprehensive system of unarmed combat and self defense and due to its battlefield origins may be described as the original integrated "mixed" martial art. The system has a basis, in form and philosophy, in Koryu Bujutsu (classical martial arts) but as an evolved system it may be best described as a modern martial art that adheres strictly to its classical moorings. Unlike most traditional, or traditionally-based systems in which free sparring plays a minimal role, Wa Shin Ryu stresses the development of effective combative skills by training students in live sparring situations (randori) in distance, close quarter and ground fighting contexts. Such forms of training develop sustained focused concentration, superior coordination and timing, fast reactions and create for students a high degree of realism that set routines and repetition training alone (a central feature of most classical systems) cannot provide. However, the purpose of such intensive training is not to make students violent. The goal is to empower them so that they may walk away with confidence, if that is deemed the appropriate response at the time.

In developing the system the Founder integrated the traditions of the old, with the best of the new, to form a budo system that serves:

(1) As a pathway to empowerment
(2) As a way of life
(3) As an effective combative/self defense system
(4) As a personal discipline
(5) As a path to self actualization (the ultimate goal of the system) in the physical, psychological and spiritual domains.

Wa Shin Ryu Jujutsu is also taught at the University of New Mexico for 2 credits, the University of Connecticut, Eastern Connecticut State University, and Illinois State University (Chicago). We welcome male and female individuals aged 16 and older who are serious about studying traditional Japanese Jujutsu.

Schedule of Classes at Sandia Budokan

Our Beginning/Intermediate classes meet:

Mondays: 7.05-9.15pm

Wednesdays: 7.05-9.15pm

Saturdays: 2-5pm. Two Saturday classes are for Advanced Seminars and the other two Sats are Supervised Open Sessions (SOS). The SOS sessions are held by different     instructors on a rotating basis. Sign-up required

Saturdays: 4-5.30pm: All-Blackbelt Seminars/Workouts.


Andrew Yiannakis, Ph.D., Founder, Wa Shin Ryu (USJJF); 8th dan USJJF Jujutsu; 6th dan Judo. For Advanced Saturdays contact Andrew Sensei: ayiann@unm.edu
Martin Overfield, 3rd dan Jujutsu (Wa Shin Ryu; Licensed Professional Instructor
Robert Malakhov, 3rd dan Jujutsu (Wa Shin Ryu; Licensed Professional Instructor. For Monday evening Interm/Adv classes contact Robert sensei: rravanger@gmail.com
Keith Mellor, 2nd dan Jujutsu (Wa Shin Ryu; Licensed Club Instructor. Contact: kmellor@unm.edu)
Bennett Poulin, 1st dan Jujutsu (Wa Shin Ryu; Licensed Club Instructor).
Cody Bassett, 1st dan Jujutsu; 1st dan karate (Wa Shin Ryu; Licensed Club Instructor).

For more details about Wa Shin Ryu Jujutsu please write to: Dr. Andrew Yiannakis at ayiann@unm.edu or ayiann@comcast.net. You may also visit our UNM website at: www.unm.wsrjj.org/unmjj.html

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