v1.8 January 7th, 2013

Technical Consultants

Technical Consultants are selected on the basis of their skills, knowledge and ability to provide specific technical suport on various matters specific to their martial art and on their ability to engage in community relations and work effectively with specific groups and agencies in the public and private sectors; this category may also include the provision of web development competencies, and the like. It is desirable for Technical Consultants to hold a minimum rank of 3rd Dan (or equivalent) in their art or possess other special skills that may be of value to the Institute.

Sensei Rob Debuck (4th Dan Judo; 1st Dan Tae Kown Do. ABQ Police Dept. Liaison), Albuquerque, NM

Sensei Bert Parnall (2nd Dan Judo). ITMA Consultant. Office of Parnall Law Sensei Richard Roche, MD, (Oku Sandan, Nippon Koryu Karate Do), Head Karate Instructor, Sandia Budokan, ABQ NM

Sensei Robert Baker, Ph.D. (Sandan, WSR Jujutsu), Jujutsu Club Instructor and Assoc. VP at Illinois State Univ., Chicago, IL

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