How To Join The Institute & Benefits Of Joining

There are several ways of joining the Institute:

(i) National or International Representatives (certain duties and responsibilities apply) are typically invited or recommended to join the Institute. However, we wish to encourage others who also adhere to the principles of traditional Asian martial arts to write and request that they be appointed National or International Representatives for their State or Country. Applicants should hold the rank of 4th Dan (or equivalent) in their respective system. Please write to Professor Yiannakis at:

(ii) By invitation to become a Senior Institute Adviser or Technical Consultant

(iii) By invitation to become an ITMA REGULAR MEMBER. Becoming a REGULAR MEMBER is free but an optional Membership Certificate costs $20. Any ITMA member may invite other black belts (or equivalent ranks) to join as MEMBERS so long as such individuals are approved by a member of the National Board of Advisers.

If interested in obtaining an ITMA Membership Certificate ($20) or an ITMA Certificate of Rank Recognition ($50 or $75 based on rank) please write to: Prof. Andrew Yiannakis at


The Institute of Traditional Martial Arts is an Institute of the University of New Mexico housed in the Department of Health, Exercise and Sports Sciences. The Institute is a unique entity and the first of its kind in the United States and, possibly, the world. Its mission and goals bring together a number of martial arts experts in several arts and its activites combine application, professional development, outreach activity, theory and research. Being embedded in a major national university the Institute has legitimacy, credibility, resources, a video design studio, an exercise physiology lab and library and research facilities. These resources make it possible for its members to take on major projects, put on clinics, conduct research and engage in a variety of activities that are not normally feasible for clubs or organizations. In addition, the Univeristy of New Mexico has excellent programs in Asian languages, philosophy, history, psychology, abd business and these may be accessible in the development of joint projects, and the like.

One of the major emphases of the Institute is the teaching, marketing and development of traditional (or traditionally based) Asian martial arts in the United States, and internationally. Traditional martial arts contribute in significant ways to the psychological and physical growth and development of participants. It is these teachings and learnings, and the body of knowledge supporting such work that we are interested in promoting. A university, as a repository of knowledge, is suited perfectly to this task. Organizing and promoting such knowledge through the Institute enables all of us to function more effectively, and with more credibility.

We also plan to emphasize professional development and the recognition of achievement and excellence by others in the world of the martial arts. Our combined expertise, coupled with the vast resources available to us at the University of New Mexico, will enable us to influence in very positive ways the growth and development of the martial arts in the United States and internationally and help us accord greater credibility and legitimacy to those instructors who are invited to affiliate with us.

In summary, the benefits of joining the Institute are:

(i) The provision of Rank Recognition (at considerably lower fees than those charged by many national organizations) certified by ITMA at the University of New Mexico

(ii) ITMA RECOGNITION FOR YOUR DOJO. By qualifiying for ITMA DOJO RECOGNITION you will be able to display our logo at your dojo. An "ITMA RECOGNIZED" dojo may well help with student recruitment for your dojo; may well enhance the prestige of your dojo in the marketplace and will help provide ultimate in the eyes of the public.Parents interested in signing up their kids at your dojo will know that as an "ITMA RECOGNIZED DOJO" your establishment stands for integrity, safety, superior teaching and high standards.

(iii) The availability of resources for a variety of martial arts-related activities of both technical and theoretical nature

(iv) The prestige associated with being affiliated with a major national university

(v) The availability of knowledge (books, publications, research papers, online access, and the like) on various aspects of traditional martial arts

(vi) Access to departments of Asian languages, History, Philosophy, Journalism and the School of Business, among others

(vii) Access to an online newsletter on events, developments, research, activities and other matters of interest to those engaged in the practice of traditional martial arts

(viii) The Institute consists of a community of experts in different traditional Asian martial arts. By joining you'll have access to this community, including access to their knowledge and expertise

(ix) Our experts also have vast experience working with the young in schools and colleges (including at risk youth), with police departments, security agencies and the military. By joining us you will be able to attend special clinics and workshops (at a reduced rate) that focus on the uses of traditional martial arts as these apply to the areas and contexts mentioned above. Further, if you complete all requirements and pass a final test you may also be certified as an ITMA Instructor in these specialized areas:

ITMA Instructor Certification in Specialized Areas

(x) The provision of technical support in the development/production of professional quality videos (we have a professional design/video development studio in the College of Education)

(xi) Lower fees for a variety of services

(xii) The provision of national and worldwide exposure for your system, organization or club through our ITMA website, and the system of inter-linked national/international websites that make up our organization

(xiii) The provision of lower rates for group liability insurance (a service we are working on developing in the near future)

(xiv) By affiliating with ITMA (a 501(c)3 corporation) it may be possible for you to obtain a similar IRS status for you club or system (a service we are working on developing in the near future)

(xv) By being a member of ITMA you will be joining a national/international network (called MARTIALnet) of experts in traditional martial arts. As a member of MARTIALnet you will join our Email Information Network. This network provides opportunities for you to share your important events and activities, major accomplishments, publications and noteworthy activity with everyone in the network.

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