December 2015 <h1><b>Insurance and Certification Requirements</b></h1>

All Black Belt Instructors in Wa Shin Ryu Jujutsu must possess the following:

1. Liability and accident insurance through WSR (Francis Dean). Contact Prof. Yiannakis for further details
2. Must possess a teaching license awarded by the current Founter (or Kaicho) of WSR or by a Licensed Instructor holding the grade of Menkyo Chuden, or higher
3. Must possess valid CPR and general First Aid certifications (these may be obtained online)


All black belt instructors MUST be licensed by the Founder (or current Menkyo Kaiden Kaicho) of Wa Shin Ryu Jujutsu (or a holder of Menkyo Chuden) and they, and ALL their students (if they participate in off-campus activities), must carry accident and liability insurance. This is available through your Sensei and it costs $18/year, paid annually every December. This insurance carries liability and injury coveraghe with an aggregate dollar figure of two million dollars. All instructors must also be aware of the fact that since I am the system's Founder, under certain circumstances (e.g., negligence) I may ultimately be liable in the event of a lawsuit, regardless of whether the lawsuit is filed in New Mexico, Connecticut or in any other State where Wa Shin Ryu Jujutsu is taught by a Licensed Instructor. This appplies to both instructors who teach in universities as well as private clubs, YMCA's, and the like. If instructors fail to adhere to the above requirements they, and they alone will be responsible for any consequences arising from such lawsuits.

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