Strategic Responses To High (Jodan), Middle (Chudan), and Low (Gedan) Attacks

In Wa Shin Ryu Jujutsu

Andrew Yiannakis, Ph.D., Founder

V1.14, 1-28-2005

Note: High, Middle and Low define those body areas attacked by the assailant (Uke) in distance and close quarter fighting contexts. Toriís responses may take a variety of forms and need not conform to the type of attack initiated by Uke. That is, if Uke attacks the head (Jodan attack) Tori is not required to respond in the same manner but is free to counter with a Chudan or Gedan response. Thus, what defines a Jodan, Chudan or Gedan action is only the manner in which Uke attacks.

In Wa Shin Ryu Jujutsu Jodan covers the neck and head regions. Chudan pertains to the chest and stomach areas down to the waist. Gedan refers to all areas below the waist, including the feet.

Strategic Responses to attacks include the following SIX actions:

1. Blocks (Uke Waza),
2. Evasions (Furimi Waza),
3. Deflections (Sorasu Waza),
4. Joining (Aiki Waza), and,
5. Interceptions with first strike (Bogai Waza)
6. Deceptions and Counters (Damashi into Kaeshi Waza)

All the above strategic responses may be combined with countering techniques (Kaeshi Waza) and may include striking, kicking, throwing, etc. In #6, Deception and Counter, Tori baits or lures Uke into committing to an attack which then Tori turns against the assailant. Finally, the above responses are to be seen as reflecting increasing levels of skill complexity and mastery.