HESS-ITMA Martial Arts PENP Screening Committee

Dr. Andy Mooneyhan, Director of PENP Program, UNM

Committee Members

Dr. Andrew Yiannakis, 8th Dan Jujutsu; 6th Dan Judo. Director, HESS Institute of Traditional Martial Arts and UNM Instructor
Dr. James Cornfield, 4th Dan Aikido. ITMA National Board of Advisers
Josh Ortega-Scheiner, 7th Dan Kenpo. Instructor, Seidler System of Personal Defense at UNM and ITMA National Board of Advisers
Keith Mellor, 2nd Dan Jujutsu; 1st Dan Karate; 2nd Dan BJJ. UNM Treasurer and ITMA National Board of Advisers

Duties and Responsibilities

It is the function of the committee to evaluate potential new hires for the PENP martial arts activity program. The role of the committee will be to maintain quality control when opportunities arise to hire new faculty in our martial arts activity program, evaluate new candidates and make recommendations to the Director of the PENP Program, Dr. Andy Mooneyhan. A candidate (or candidates) who has been thus vetted will also receive the HESS Institute of Traditional Martial Arts Certificate of Rank Recognition. The certificate indicates that a candidate has been vetted and that we consider the candidate's credentials and experience as meeting the standards for teaching in our martial arts activity program (PENP). Candidates who do not qualify for the Certificate of Rank Recognition may not teach in the PENP Program.

Suggested Criteria

It is the goal of our program to hire the most qualified and experienced instructors who meet the following criteria:

1. Candidate must hold a minimum rank of 2nd degree black belt (or equivalent) in a recognized martial art system
2. Rank must be validated by a recognized national/international organization. Individuals who promote themselves to a higher rank (by virtue of developing their    own system)    or who purchase/acquire rank through dubious organizations will not be considered
3. In the case of master level ranks (e.g., 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th dan) time in rank and age requirements apply. For example, to hold the rank of 10th dan an instructor    will have    reached the age of 65 and held the rank of 9th dan for a minimum of nine years. See promotion/rank criteria for more details (to come)
4. Teaching experience: It is preferred that a candidate will have had at least two years of prior teaching experience as a black belt (or equivalent rank) under the supervision of
   a senior instructor (4th dan or higher)
5. Possess a four year degree from an accredited university (desirable but not essential)
6. Indicate a willingness to support and promote the Dept. of Health, Exercise & Sports Sciences by participating with his/her students in special events,    demonstrations, clinics    and seminars, and the like
7. Oral in-person interview of the candidate by members of the committee