Meaning of Wa Shin Ryu

v1.07, 8/2009

Literally translated the terms mean:

Wa = harmony
Shin = mind, will, spirit, heart
Ryu = system/tradition

Thus, the literal meaning is "the system of the harmonious mind". The intent however is to stress the idea that the system helps harmonize the whole person; that is, both mind and body.

Thus, by achieving a harmonious state of mind and body we are then able to create the preconditions necessary for tapping into, and unleashing the awesome power that we all possess within us. The road to such self actualization is hard and requires a commitment to the Four-fold Path. That is:

(i) Rigorous and dedicated training in the ways of Wa Shin Ryu Jujutsu
(ii) Meditation and introspection
(iii) Practice and application of the philosophy of Wa Shin Ryu
(iv) Correct application of the System Principles of Wa Shin Ryu Jujutsu. These are:

(i) Principles of Combat Strategy (Heiho)
(ii) Principles of Movement (Shintai Jo)
(iii) Principles of Technique) Execution (Kake Jo)
(iv) Principles of Power (Ryoku Jo)

(v) Principles of Distance, Close Quarter and Ground Fighting (Shobu Jo)

* Note: The above principles are explained in the document "System, Philosophy and Principles of Wa Shin Ryu Jujutsu"