If you would like to join ITMA as an International Representative please write to Dr. Andrew Yiannakis, Director, at: To qualify you are expected to be engaged in a primarily traditional, or traditionally-based Asian martial art (primary focus should be combat/self defense, not sport competition) and ordinarily hold the rank of nidan (or equivalent) from a legitimate national/international organization. Time-in-rank requirements also apply.

UNM Institute International Representatives (Individuals)


Sensei Gilberto Banho (Shodan Judo; Sankyu, Jujutsu)


Sensei Kostas Dervenis, 4th Dan, Jujutsu


Sensei Dervenis has several books on the martial arts to his credit including the noted work titled "Martial Arts of Ancient Greece (2007). This is a highly acclaimed piece of work that has received excellent reviews. Mr. Dervenis is an accomplished martial artist in several Asian Arts but he prefers to be known for his work on Pammachon, an ancient Greek close quarter combat art that employs multiple weapons as well as unarmed combat skills. Sensei Dervenis holds a 4th level rank in Pammachon. Mr Derevenis's work was also referenced by Bettany Hughes in her book, "Helen of Troy". He was also cited as an expert on Bronze Age combat in an accompanying BBC documentary. His book "The Martial Arts of Ancient Greece" has been included as a reference for the degree program at the US Army War College.


Sensei Maya Aley, 2nd Dan, Jujutsu

United Kingdom

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