IKKYO NO KATA A (Receiving Techniques)

Framework to the First Set of Principles - Distance Fighting

Andrew Yiannakis, Ph.D.
7th Dan, Jujutsu (USJJF, AJA)
6ht Dan, Judo (USJJF)

V1.12, 12/09

Distance fighting requires an initial strategic response that temporarily neutralizes Uke's attack. With this accomplished a jujutsuka then follows through by closing in and applying kumiuchi, or effective close quarter fighting techniques.

This kata comprises 18 techniques. It demonstrates and helps train the jujutsuka in the principles of distance fighting by combining Initial Strategic Responses with Moving In and Following-Through techniques that help control, discourage or terminate Uke's ability to continue the action.

The Strategic Responses employed in this kata focus on Blocking, Deflecting, Evading or Joining principles only. More advanced responses involving interceptions, first strike, deception and countering are discussed at a higher level of training.

NOTE: All descriptions are for right side attacks. However, to develop effective distance fighting skills these techniques must be mastered on both sides

JODAN Attacks (head and neck)

  1. Uke delivers downward vertical hammer strike (tettsui uchi) attack. Tori receives with high cross block, then delivers reverse kote uchi with right forearm and then takes Uke down with Ude Garami Mawashi Otoshi (Block)

  2. Uke delivers oblique strike to face (yoko men uchi). Tori blocks, delivers tegatana (shuto) to Uke's neck and executes Shiho Nage (Block)

  3. Downward strike with club/sword to Irimi Nage (Joining)

  4. From punch to face (shomen tsuki), Tori deflects inward with right forearm into Ryokuhi (Deflection)

  5. From punch to face Tori deflects inward with left hand in a joining fashion and stomps on Uke's back of right leg behind knee with left foot (Oroshi Geri)) and takes Uke to ground (Deflection)

  6. Uke delivers roundhouse kick (jodan mawashi geri) to head. From right attack posture Tori drops low and slides in deep with own right leg in front of Uke's left leg (this action is similar to the entry for Taniotoshi). Tori kicks Uke with own left instep or shin directly behind the knee, drops Uke to the ground and then rotates own body while trapping Uke's left leg with own legs. Tori ends action by rising and kneeling on left knee while trapping Uke's left leg.(Evasion)

CHUDAN Attacks (below neck)

7. Knife trust to stomach into Kote Gaeshi with follow-through (Evasion)

8. Knife thrust to stomach into Kote Hineri from double arm block with follow-through (Block)

9. Uke punches Tori in stomach region (seiken uchi). Tori delivers hard Gedan Barai with right forearm with follow-through (Deflection)

10. Uke delivers front kick to Tori's stomach region (mae geri). Tori deflects inwards and upwards with left forearm and pushes Uke back and down to the ground using Oshi Taoshi (Deflection)

11. Uke delivers side kick (yoko geri) to stomach. Tori evades by stepping in clockwise with left foot and traps Uke's right ankle in own left bicep and elbow area (coming up from below). Tori then applies two hand ankle lock which causes Uke to rotate and end up face down on the ground. Tori applies knee lock (Kuzure Hiza Gatame)) to Uke's right knee from rear using left forearm as fulcrum (Evasion)

12. Uke delivers roundhouse kick (mawashi geri) to Tori's rib cage. Tori steps in with right foot blocks kick with bicep and side region and executes Kosotogake. Follows through to the ground (Block)

Gedan Attacks (below waist)

13. Uke delivers side kick to shin/knee (yoko geri). Tori executes tai sabaki (steps to his/her right leading with right foot) and delivers Yoko Geri to Uke's groin and moves in (Evasion)

14. Uke delivers roundhouse kick with right leg (gedan mawashi geri) to Tori's knee. Tori jumps up and delivers Mae Geri to Uke's kidney region and then moves in (Evasion)

15. Uke delivers roundhouse kick with right leg to Tori's lower leg (below knee). Tori picks up targeted leg, evades kick and deliver Seiken Uchi to Uke’s kidney area/side with own right fist and moves in (Evasion)

16. Uke delivers roundhouse kick to Tori's thigh region. Tori bends and draws up own leg and receives blow on left thigh. Tori then steps in with left and delivers Mawashi Geri with own right shin to Uke's supporting leg (about the knee) (Block)

17. Uke delivers front kick (mae geri) to Tori's groin. Tori deflects Uke's leg with right forearm (inward) and at same time seizes Uke's right leg with left arm while stepping in with right foot. Tori then executes Ouchi Gari and follows through to the ground with knee lock (Deflection)

18. Uke delivers side kick to Tori's groin (yoko geri). Tori takes one small step back with right foot and deflects hard with right forearm downward and inward using Gedan Barai. Moves in, stomps on Uke's left leg just below rear of left knee with own right foot (Yoko Geri) and applies Hadaka Jime while pinning Uke's left knee to ground with right foot. (Deflection)