WA Shin Ryu Jujutsu

Required Club/Class Health and Hygiene Practices

In Wa Shin Ryu Jujutsu we take health and hygiene practices very seriously. We work out barefoot on mats that other students sometimes use and even walk on in street shoes. This can expose us to all kinds of germs. The best way to prevent infection is to shower immediately after the workout and use anti-bacterial soap. After a workou if you prefer to take a shower at home, or in your dorm, then at the very least wash your feet, hands and face with soap before getting dressed.

1. Always wear zoris to and from the mat
2. Always wear a clean gi. Wash your gi after every workout
3. Always wash your hands after going to the bathroom
4. If you arrive at the dojo all sweaty and unclean, take a shower or at least wash your hands and feet BEFORE working out
5. If you are injured during the workout and you bleed on the mats, ensure that you clean it all up properly (with help if needed)
6. Always clean (fan mats with gis) mats before working out
7. After the workout always take a shower. If you prefer to shower in your homes or dorms then, at the very least, wash your face, hands and feet with soap before putting on your clothes and shoes
8. If you visit other clubs where their health practices may be questionable, maintain the Wa Shin Ryu standards regardless of how others choose to behave around you
9. Keep finger and toenails short
10. If you are sick (cold, flu, etc.) it's best if you don't work out but you should feel free to sit and watch

The above are to be regarded as REQUIREMENTS, not as recommendations. Thus, you may view these as minimal level health and hygiene practices required to participate in Wa Shin Ryu Jujutsu. Students who violate these practices will be showing a lack of respect for their sensei, the system (because good health practices are part of the system) and for other students.

Finally, advanced students and instructors are to set a fine example for the rest of the class by adhering to these practices and encouraging others to do so as well.