Forfeiture of Rank and/or Ejection from the System

In exceptional circumstances, especially with senior students and black belts, any instructor in Wa Shin Ryu Jujutsu with the rank of 4th Dan, or higher, may strip his/her students of rank and/or eject them from the system for any of the following reasons below. Prudence and good judgment must be employed when such action is contemplated and it is advisable to consult with other high ranking black belts in the system before proceeding:

Article 1. Failing to meet the duties, responsibilities and expectations of one's rank as specified in Wa Shn Ryu Jujustu
Article 2. Engaging in behavior unbecoming a black belt in WSR Jujutsu
Article 3. Making disparaging or insulting remarks in PUBLIC (or public online networks) or outside the dojo about other systems, instructors or their students. This article is not intended to curb anyone's 1st Amendment Rights or to stifle personal opinion. What you say in your dojo, to friends or your sensei in private or in confidence is acceptable. It's your personal opinion. Expressing such opinions to others in public, or when you are visitors
in other dojos is NOT
Article 4. Working out with other senseis in other clubs and/or accepting rank from another teacher without first consulting with your sensei
Article 5. Failing to show proper respect to your sensei and/or to other students, or to other senseis and their students
Article 6. Failure to adhere to the principle of "Safety First" and engaging in behaviors that hurt or injure other students (abuse of skills)
Article 7. Failing to adhere to the principles of health and hygiene as specified in WSR Jujutsu
Article 8. Engaging in or starting hostilities and fights in and outside the dojo except when attacked, or when lending assistance to others
Article 9. Behaving in a manner (in and out of the dojo) that is inconsistent with the highest standards of Wa Shin Ryu Jujutsu


A student who has been stripped of rank or has been ejected from the system will be required to return his/her certificate and/or registration card and his/her name will be removed from the system's online website.