1. Developing Committees with Specific Tasks/Functions

(i) Online Directory of Health Care Professionals in the Martial Arts - NEW

(ii) ITMA/UNM Screening Committee. Its task will be to vet potential new hires for the HESS PENP Activities Martial Arts Program.
Successful applicants will be recognized by the issuance of an ITMA Certificate of Rank Recognition - NEW

2. Membership Services

(i) ITMA Member List - NEW
(ii) Certificates of ITMA Membership - NEW
(iii) Membership Cards - NEW
(iv) Certificates of Rank Recognition
(v) Club Recognition door stickers (NEW)
(vi) Directory of ITMA Recognized Clubs and Instructors (NEW)

3. Member News & Accomplishments

(i) ITMA Member Email Notification Service for Events, Accomplishments, & Activities - NEW
(ii) Maintain website of member accomplishments (publications, presentations, videos, clinics and workshops, promotions and other achievements)

4. Recruitment of: - NEW

(i) Invited black belt holders as ITMA Members
(ii) Individuals with specialized skills/advanced degrees with an interest in martial arts as ITMA Members (e.g., Physicians, Lawyers, Professors, Chiropractors, etc.)

5. Local ABQ ITMA Initiatives

(i) Workshops and Certification in Special Areas (e.g., Self Defense for Women, etc.)

(ii) Demonstrations (e.g., Aki Matsuri; Annual UNM Martial Arts Expo, etc.)

(iii) Monthly Friendship Seminars and cross training

(iv) Short (2 hours) introductory seminars on Self Defense for UNM students; use as recruitment tool for UNM Self Defense or other martial arts classes - NEW

(v) When we have adequate funds we shall begin supporting members with advertising costs (from our UNM account) for ITMA-related initiatives - NEW

(vi) Investigating possibilities for providing ABQ ITMA Members with access to UNM Library, Weight Training Facilities, Video Studio and the like- NEW.

6. ITMA Certificate (as a Minor or Concentration) in Martial Arts Studies at UNM (in progress)

7. Martial Artists for Humanity & Peace: A force for positive change in the world (in progress)(NEW)

Many traditional martial arts stress goals that go beyond the mastery of combat skills. Judo, for example, stresses mutual welfare and benefit and the perfection of self for the benefit of society. The training in combat skills, and the emphasis on philosophy and higher goals are the medium through which we forge our character for the purpose of creating a better world. Could we perhaps apply our skills, knowledge and teaching experience in the interest of peace around the world? The "Martial Artists for Peace" initiative is part of a large project spearheaded by Georgetown University and it's called "Olympism for Peace" Project. This may be accessed at:

Olympism for Humanity and Peace

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