Andrew Yiannakis, Ph.D.

Research Professor, University of New Mexico
Professor Emeritus, University of Connecticut

NOTE: This site will be up by September 12th


1. Trump's Surprising Acceptance Speech

2. The UK Referendum on Brexit

3. Global Entry/TSA Precheck

4. The Democratic Party Needs to Find a Backbone

5. Turkish Violations of Greek Airspace

6. Traditional Jujutsu in the USJJF: A Historic Event

7. More Ramifications of Brexit: Part II

8. PART I: The Economic and Political Ramifications of Brexit

9. In a Nutshell: The Key Points of the 2016 REPUBLICAN PLATFORM

10. TRUMP AND THE REPUBLICAN CONVENTION: A threat to everything we hold dear.

11. What is True Patriotism?

12. Cell-phones and Built-in Obsolescence. Who gets short-changed?

13. Jujutsu, Brain Stimulation & Reprogramming

14. TEXAS "OPEN CARRY" LAW: Implications for Tourism, Higher Education & the Police....

15. Forthcoming blog

16. Forthcoming blog

17. Forthcoming blog


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