Goshin Jutsu No Kata

(For Beginner and Intermediate Level Students)

Andrew Yiannakis, Ph.D.
7th Dan Jujutsu
6th Dan Judo

This introductory kata is performed with a partner as a continuous sequence. It is intended to introduce students to basic and intermediate Zone 1 and Zone 2 close quarter fighting principles from the standing position with the emphasis on self defense

1. From REAR CHEST GRAB: Tegatana to Hiza Geri to Teisho Uchi. Two arm chest grab from rear into knife edge groin strike, then knee to face, and palm heel strike to nose

2. From FRONT CHEST GRAB. Two arm chest grab from front into shin scrape and stomp and into keage mawashi geri (with shin) against lower thigh (just above knee joint)

3. From THROAT GRAB: Double fist Uraken into Ogoshi. Two arm throat grab from front into double backhand face strike and into ogoshi

4. CIRCULAR REVERSE WRIST ESCAPE: Uraken to Mae Geri into Hiza Geri. Apply mitsubishi to face with free hand. Single hand cross wrist grab from front into circular wrist escape and backhand strike to face; then tori executes front snap kick to groin with right foot which is then followed with sideways left knee strike to face

5. SINGLE ARM TAKEDOWN: Morote Kote Gatame Oroshi. Begin with snap kick to groin. Single hand cross grip wrist grab into kote gatame (clockwise action) and single arm take down. Other hand is placed tightly over uke's fingers and hand. Tori steps back with righ foot and takes Uke face down to floor

6. From DOUBLE LEG CHARGE: Gyaku Hadaka Jime. Charging double arm upper thigh grab from front into reverse hadaka jime

7. SAME SIDE WRIST ESCAPE: Uraken into Age Ude Uchi. Escape single hand same side wrist grab by stepping to outside of attacker, then backhand strike (uraken) to face and then into upward groin strike (age ude uchi)

8. POWER DODGE: Ryokuhi. Strength dodging (from right hand punch to face). Tori steps in (late) with right foot while deflecting ukeís punch slightly inwards with right forearm. Tori then rotates inwards and behind Uke, places both hands (from behind Uke) on Uke's chest and using a sword cut motion takes Uke down to side

9. UPWARD REVERSE WRIST TWIST: Age Tekubi Gaeshi into Ushiro Otoshi (also known as sankyo). From rear neck strangle. Deliver ushiro empi uchi (double arm) and move into outside and upward reverse wrist lock and rear take down

10. From HAIR GRAB: Uraken into Mawashi Otoshi. Single arm hair grab from front in to single backhand face strike, into kote hinieri mawashi otoshi with circular motion take-down

11. Rear DOUBLE WRIST ESCAPE into MAKIKOMI. Uke seizes tori's both wrists from rear. Tori steps back and to the side with right leg (assuming taitoshi position) and at the same time effects double arm escape by drawing both wrists forward and upward. Then Tori seizes Uke's right arm with own left hand (slightly above Uke's elbow) and locks down Uke's right arm with own right arm (which is bent at the elbow) Tori then executes makikomi waza and slams Uke on his/her back.

12. ROTATING DOUBLE REVERSE ARM: Tenkai Ude Gyaku Gatame. Uke grabs toriís lapel with right hand. Tori secures ukeís right wrist with own right hand and executes mitsubishi (dazzle) with left hand. Tori then rotates ukeís wrist 90 degrees so that ukeís little finger faces up (while at same time pressing wrist down against own chest. Pressure should be directed downward into ukeís wrist). Toriís left hand in knife edge form is used to press down in ukeís bent elbow. Technique is completed by tori stepping back with right leg and pressing down with left hand knife edge into ukeís elbow (uke ends up on one knee)

13. From SIDE HEAD LOCK: Teisho Uchi into Ushiro Goshi. From side head hold (standing) into groin strike with palm heel (teisho) and into ushiro goshi

14. KNEELING REAR TAKEDOWN: Seiken uchi into Kuzure Sukuinage and Shuto Uchi to groin. Tori deflects right hand punch to face with own right forearm and delivers punch to Uke's armpit with left fist. Left arm then reaches across chest of Uke while dropping to own right knee. Rear take-down (modified sukuinage) is executed by pressing Uke backwards and down with extended left arm and picking Uke's right inside pant leg (inside, just below Uke's knee). Uke is taken down over top of Tori's left thigh. Sequence followed through with left hand shuto to Uke's groin.

15. From REAR WAIST HOLD: Ushiro Empi Uchi into Morote Ushiro Yubi Otoshi. Uke wraps both arms around tori's waist from rear. Tori secures uke's right wrist with left hand and strikes uke's temple with right elbow (Ushiro empi uchi). Then tori secures yubi gatame (finger lock) with right hand, turns to right rear and forces uke to the ground (yubi otoshi) using both hands

16. WRIST TWIST & FINGER HOLD: Tenkai Morote Mae Yubi Nage. Uke seizes Tori's left wrist with own right hand. Tori executes backhand strike to Uke's face with right hand and then rotates own left hand over and down (in outward circular movement in clockwise direction). As Uke's grip begins to loosen Tori grabs Uke's first two fingers with own right hand while securing Uke's outside two fingers with left hand. Tori then drives Uke's hand to the left in a downward motion and then reverses the action, steps across Uke with left foot and turns in and around to end up facing in same direction as Uke. While turning in Tori rotates uke's wrist upwards in a clockwise direction to above head level. Uke's palm now faces the ceiling. The throw is now executed by Tori stepping forward with right foot (re-centering) and executing wrist action on Uke's fingers using both hands.


1. Beginners through green belt (Yonkyu) are expected to be able to demonstrate the first NINE techniques (left and right)

2. Sankyu and Nikkyu students should be able to demonstrate the first TWELVE techniques (left and right)

4. For Ikkyu, students are expected to be able to demonstrate all SIXTEEN techniques left and right