To become a Regular Member of ITMA you must be invited by an existing member and your status must be approved by a member of the National Board of Advisers. You must also hold a black belt (or equivalent) from a legitimate organization. Membership is FREE. Upon achieving Regular Member status you may request an optional ITMA Membership Certificate for a fee of $20. If you also qualify for a Certificate of Rank Recognition the fee is $40, (pending a Board vote). We are now accepting brown belt holders (Sankyu through Ikkyu, or equivalent rank) from any traditional martial art as PROVISIONAL MEMBERS. Provisional members may attend all our Friendship Seminars.

For more info please write to Dr. Andrew Yiannakis at:

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    Current List of REGULAR ITMA Members (Under construction)

    Robert Malakhov, Traditional Jujutsu (NM)
    Martin Overfield, Traditional Jujutsu (NM)
    Amber Selko, Traditional Jujutsu (CT)
    Craig Thomas, Traditional Jujutsu (CT)
    Josh Cooper, Traditional Jujutsu (CT)
    Kevin Reilly, Aikido (NM)
    Stephen Schrankel, Escrima and Karate (NM)
    John Haaf, Judo (NM)
    Vern Borgen, Judo (SD)
    Jana Daeuber, Judo (ND)
    Sharon Petsa, Judo (CT)
    Edwin Brown, Judo (CT)
    Bryan Godfrey, Kenjutsu (ABQ, NM)
    Sifu Phil Romero, Wing Chun (ABQ, NM)
    Linda Yiannakis, Traditional Judo and Jujutsu (ABQ, NM)
    Alfredo Martinez, Ph.D. (UNM Dept., ABQ, NM)
    Mark Fraser, Judo (ABQ, NM)
    Dr. James Cornfield, Aikido and Aiki Jujutsu (ABQ, NM)
    Brett Denison, Traditional Jujutsu and Iaijutsu (CO)
    Greg Kane, Ph.D., Traditional Jujutsu (CT)
    Josh Scheiner-Ortega, Self Defense, MMA (UNM, ABQ, NM)
    Hal Zeidman, Traditional Jujutsu and Kenjutsu/Kendo (AZ)
    Kostas Dervenis, Traditional Jujutsu and Jojutsu (Athens, Greece)
    Keith Mellor, Karate and Traditional Jujutsu (UNM, ABQ, NM)
    Todd Seidler, Ph.D., Self Defense (UNM, ABQ, NM)
    Robert Baker, Ph.D., Jujutsu (UNM, ABQ, NM)
    Ray Perales, Karate, Aikido, Jujutsu (ABQ, NM)
    Jesse Ballou, Judo (ABQ, NM)
    Wayne Maxwell, Judo (ABQ, NM)
    Fred Absher, Karate (ABQ, NM)
    George Kirby, Traditional Jujutsu (California)
    Bruce Bethers, Traditional Jujutsu (Nevada)
    Gary Purdue, Karate (UNM, ABQ, NM)
    Zibin Guo, Ph.D., Tai Ji (TN)
    Armond Seidler, Ph.D., Self Defense (UNM, ABQ, NM)
    John D'Angelo, Traditional Jujutsu (CT)
    Phil Tomporowski, Ph.D., Traditional Jujutsu and Judo (GA)
    Sifu Jesse Powell, Tai Ji (NY)
    Col. Barry Stebbins, Jujutsu (Ohio)
    Kris Wilder, Karate (WA)
    Gilberto Banho, Judo and Jujutsu (Brasil)
    Rob Debuck, Judo and TKD (ABQ, NM)
    Bert Parnall, Judo (ABQ, NM)
    Dave Rogers, Aikido (ABQ, NM)
    Bodie Littlejohn, Aikido (ABQ, NM)
    Richard Roche, MD, Karate (ABQ, NM)
    Gina Fowler, DO, (TX)
    Andrew Yiannakis, Ph.D., Traditional Jujutsu and Judo (UNM, ABQ, NM)
    Margaret Moreshead, PA, Judo (ABQ, NM)
    Jeff Ficek, Judo (ND)
    Mark Apostalon, Judo (ABQ, NM)
    Dr. Muyia, Jujutsu (CA)
    Ben Boggs, Karate (ABQ, NM)
    Maya Aley, Jujutsu (CT. Currently in Japan)
    Charles Watkins, Aikido (ABQ, NM)
    John Gowan, Judo (ABQ, NM)
    Jim Hermann, Jiu Jitsu (ABQ, NM)
    Cody Bassett, Karate (ABQ, NM)
    Paul Barrett, Aikido (Santa Fe, NM)


    (Holding ranks of sankyu, nikyu or ikkyu, or equivalent)

    Mateo Trujillo
    Allen Pittman
    Kyle Pittman
    Antonio Trujillo
    Sale Taylor
    Jared West
    Irving Reza
    Josh Trujeque
    Trevor Turbov
    Richard Lovejoy
    Travis Price
    Andrew Roberts
    Eugene Malakhov
    Brenda Perales
    Toni Hardesty

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