v1.06/December 7th, 2005

Ryoku No Kata ( 21 techniques)

An advanced kata that demonstrates power and control by combining a diverse and complex array of skills and techniques in a dynamic, continuous sequence involving changes in direction and plane of action (standing and on the ground). In addition this sequence is a fine demonstration of the ability of a Wa Shin Ryu Jujutsuka to apply an extensive range of skills from several "families" of techniques. That is, from throwing, joint locking, blocking, changing direction, controlling and striking.

Note: This description is based on a right side sequence. However, the kata must be studied and practised on both sides

  1. Uke attacks with oblique rt hand strike to temple. Tori blocks (Morote Uke) with both forearms and delivers
  2. Ate Waza (Te Katana) to Uke's neck with right hand
  3. Tori then applies right Ippon Seoinage and follows through to
  4. Seiken uchi to armpit
  5. Then Tori applies Ude Gatame (straight arm) by pressing Uke's extended arm against own right shin and twisting Uke's wrist (Uke remains on his/her back for these techniques). While Uke's arm is locked in place Tori then applies a sequence of finger locking techniques (Yubi Gatame):
  6. To Thumb
  7. To two outside fingers
  8. To index and middle finger. Tori then causes Uke to rise by
  9. Pressing same fingers and wrist together upwards (Tori grips Uke's wrist with right hand). Tori brings Uke up on his/her toes and forces him/her to tap out.
  10. Tori applies Shiho nage: (Changing direction while maintaining control of opponent). While still maintaining the two finger lock Tori rotates Uke's right hand/arm out and down, switches right hand grip so that Tori's hand is now on Uke's right wrist (palmside, fingers pointing toward Uke's elbow) and steps across Uke with left leg while raising Uke's right arm to eye level ahead of him/her. Tori then pivots 180 degrees (below Uke's right arm) and turns own body to face in the opposite direction while maintaining control of Uke's right wrist with right hand. For more control Tori's left hand is now placed on Uke's right elbow. Tori then applies Shiho Nage.
  11. Tori then steps backward in a circular fashion leading with own right foot and takes Uke down on back (gyaku kote gaeshi oroshi oroshi - kote oroshi for short). Tori then drops onto right knee.
  12. While controlling Uke's right wrist with own right hand Tori presses down on back of Uke's elbow for a submission (While continuing to press down on Uke's elbow with left hand Tori applies twisting action to Uke's right wrist with right hand (Gyaku Kote Gaeshi).
  13. Tori keeping own left hand pressing down on Uke's right elbow then releases Uke's right wrist wrist and delivers upward strike (Age Teisho Uchi) to chin with base of right hand. Uke brings both hands to his/her face.
  14. Tori then takes Uke's right wrist with right hand, rotates own body 180 degrees to face Uke's feet, locks elbow in place with left hand and applies Tekubi Gaeshi to wrist.
  15. Tori then controls Uke's right arm (straight arm) and turns him/her over onto his/her front (locking uke's elbow) and
  16. Applies Morote Tekubi Gatame to wrist of Uke's straight arm (Uke faces down)
  17. Tori then places own left knee and part of shin between Uke's shoulder blade and armpit and applies downward pressure. At the same time Tori locks Uke's straight arm between thighs and applies pressure with own right thigh on Uke's extended right arm. Tori's arms assume a migi gamae stance.
  18. Tori then takes Uke's right wrist with both hands, rises and steps over Uke's arm with left foot amd applies joint lock using back of own calf for leverage (Ude Gatame using own calf for leverage).
  19. Tori then steps over Uke with own left leg, places foot along side Uke and secures Uke's left wrist with own left hand.
  20. While holding Uke's both wrists Tori then steps through with left foot between Uke's extended arms and applies double arm shoulder lock (Morote Kata Gatame).
  21. The sequence is then completed by turning Uke onto his/her left side (arms still behind and parallel) and trapping both arms behind own right leg for a Kuzure Hiza Gatame (Tori at this point will be kneeling on left knee).
  22. Tori then executes left hand Te Katana to Uke's right neck

The sequence is completed with Tori rising, moving out and away from Uke and demonstrating Zanshin (end vigilance) by assuming a proper fighting stance (migi gamae).