For centuries, the martial arts of Japan have been a focus of training for self-discipline, self-reliance, empowerment and competence. Originating as combat arts for victory on the field of battle, these disciplines were soon recognized as excellent vehicles for the development of character as well.

Sandia Budokan is a center for the study and practice of Budo (the Martial Way). Here one can train in the art of the sword (Kenjutsu) and other weapons, study the subtle techniques of Aikido, and learn the more modern Japanese art of Karate. Our latest addition is Traditional Jujutsu, a combat art that stresses both defensive and offensive skills and strategies. Each group operates independently, and a student normally trains in only one art until he or she has attained black belt level in their first art. All students may participate in group dojo activities including open mat periods, all-Dojo classes and seminars. We also hold ITMA Friendship Seminars twice a year in which martial artists from a number of different arts (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, etc.) teach and/or practice with everyone else.

Sandia Budokan is a nationally-respected traditional Dojo, known for high standards and classical training. We frequently host visiting instructors and wholeheartedly support students attending quality seminars outside the Dojo. We are not involved in sports competition or organizational politics, and we do not teach children's classes. We are a self-sustaining organization with a modest dues structure, no contracts, and most of our instructors are volunteers. We welcome dedicated men and women to join us on a path to personal discovery, empowerment, self actualization, and the acquisition of some awesome combat skills.